Friday, February 12, 2016

Basic Origami: Coasters Plus, Bonus Post: Awesome Magazine

 I recently, (and by recently I mean last summer,) got a new desk. To protect my pearly beauty, I proceeded in making ten coasters. I don't know what possessed me to do so, though, because I clearly don't have ten drinks on my desk at once.
 Anyway, I guess the reason I made so many was because they're so fun to make! I'll show you how to make two different types, a big one for a teapot, and a little one for a glass or cup. Plus, as a little added bonus I'm going to tell you all about my favorite magazine ever!

 This diy is super easy and keeps your surfaces (like my moomin stool,) super clean. For the smaller square coaster, these are the instructions, and you'll need two pieces of standard size origami paper. I used reversible paper, which looked cool of the back and front.

 To make the star shaped one, which I use for my min tea pot, you need 8 small pieces of paper, which for me, were post-its. I used pink ones, and lime green ones. Here are the instructions. Because this origami is modular, (meaning made out of lots of small pieces,) you need to start by making eight of the small sections, and then connecting them. Here's how you make the the small parts.

Once you repeated those steps eight times, you can connect them by doing these steps: the first four steps are for connecting two parts, and after repeating those steps which the remaining pieces, the last four steps are four connecting the last piece and completing the coaster.


Here's a Bonus Post! My new favorite magazine is a Dutch illustration magazine called flow. You can buy it here:, but I bought mine at barnes and noble.




Sunday, January 31, 2016


 It's the lettering sensation that's sweeping the nation! You've all seen it on pinterest, it's the beautiful hand lettering and Typography trend which inspires me so. One of my favorite artists, Carson Ellis is particularly amazing at lettering. She creates beautiful fine-tip illustrations with the most beautiful detail. Which you can check out, at the link. Lettering is awesome, straight up. 

 So, when I saw wire lettering --pretty cursive typography bent out of jewelry wire, I had to try it for myself. Here's what you'll need! The wire is 16 gauge, and I got the pliers at totally tools. 

 I found that the best way to write with wire was to use guidelines like these.


  And yeah, it's pretty easy! Just try cutting one piece to start off, remember to guesstimate and add an inch, you can always chop some, but you can never add more. Then, use the pliers to bend, and fold and stuff. You'll get it.

And, Goodbye!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Post Six: Watercolor

 Guys, let me tell you --watercolors are my new jam. Nothing beats some light sketching, and then watercolors while watching some Netflix. 
 I just recently got my own set, after sharing my dad's Winsor and Newton set for a few years. I bought a set of 24 Yarka Saint Petersburg full pans which I am in love with. 

 Here is the Winsor and Newton set.


And here is the new Yarka Saint Petersburg set.


 I've been having an awesome time just playing around with the colors.

Here's a big piece I just finished, which I'm pretty happy with.

Last but not least brushes. People often ask me what kind of brushes I use, or what sizes I use, so here it is. 

And that's all for today, A-okay, and goodbye!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Accordion Box!

Hi! Today I just wanted to show you this amazing and functional desk organizer box that's easy to make! I might post my own tutorial of this, but for now Here's the link: Origami Spirit
I hope you enjoy these photos my friend and I actually had a bit of a battle over the angles and whatnot.

Also, fun project: Origami Shirt! Out of a dollar bill!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

The one where she disregards the "POST"

You like my title? Heh heh. FRIENDS *virtual cookie*

Please fill out the poll to the right of the post. I just bought the "traditional prints" book of origami paper and am looking for crafts so it would mean a lot if you filled out the poll. 

Thanks, G'night.


Saturday, July 4, 2015


Update: In Long island sound, beautiful.

My dog loves it out here. Probably because of the swimming.

Alrighty, that's all for now.


I love wallets. My only problem is I have too many, my style in them constantly changes, and the more I get the less money I have to put in them. Also I'm not allowed to buy anymore because I've reached maximum capacity. So for me, this was the perfect project: Paper wallets. Disposable enough, yet durable if you use the right paper.

Here's a tutorial I made but if you're still unclear I'd visit How About Orange the original poster. 

Now all that's left to do is fold the wallet in half perpendicular to the slit. Now you have a simple, disposable wallet. Cute, but maybe don't go scuba diving with it.

The end.