Friday, February 12, 2016

Basic Origami: Coasters Plus, Bonus Post: Awesome Magazine

 I recently, (and by recently I mean last summer,) got a new desk. To protect my pearly beauty, I proceeded in making ten coasters. I don't know what possessed me to do so, though, because I clearly don't have ten drinks on my desk at once.
 Anyway, I guess the reason I made so many was because they're so fun to make! I'll show you how to make two different types, a big one for a teapot, and a little one for a glass or cup. Plus, as a little added bonus I'm going to tell you all about my favorite magazine ever!

 This diy is super easy and keeps your surfaces (like my moomin stool,) super clean. For the smaller square coaster, these are the instructions, and you'll need two pieces of standard size origami paper. I used reversible paper, which looked cool of the back and front.

 To make the star shaped one, which I use for my min tea pot, you need 8 small pieces of paper, which for me, were post-its. I used pink ones, and lime green ones. Here are the instructions. Because this origami is modular, (meaning made out of lots of small pieces,) you need to start by making eight of the small sections, and then connecting them. Here's how you make the the small parts.

Once you repeated those steps eight times, you can connect them by doing these steps: the first four steps are for connecting two parts, and after repeating those steps which the remaining pieces, the last four steps are four connecting the last piece and completing the coaster.


Here's a Bonus Post! My new favorite magazine is a Dutch illustration magazine called flow. You can buy it here:, but I bought mine at barnes and noble.




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