Sunday, January 31, 2016


 It's the lettering sensation that's sweeping the nation! You've all seen it on pinterest, it's the beautiful hand lettering and Typography trend which inspires me so. One of my favorite artists, Carson Ellis is particularly amazing at lettering. She creates beautiful fine-tip illustrations with the most beautiful detail. Which you can check out, at the link. Lettering is awesome, straight up. 

 So, when I saw wire lettering --pretty cursive typography bent out of jewelry wire, I had to try it for myself. Here's what you'll need! The wire is 16 gauge, and I got the pliers at totally tools. 

 I found that the best way to write with wire was to use guidelines like these.


  And yeah, it's pretty easy! Just try cutting one piece to start off, remember to guesstimate and add an inch, you can always chop some, but you can never add more. Then, use the pliers to bend, and fold and stuff. You'll get it.

And, Goodbye!

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